Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Challenge 3- What the Fuck?!

This is a fairly simple challenge but sure to be ass loads of fun. For this challenge, the title of your layout must be "WTF" or "What the Fuck" and you MUST use a photo! Find your most bizarre-explanation-requiring photo and have fun!

No subject or interpretation is off limits!

Link or email your layouts by April 14th midnight central time (US) for a chance at a RAK, and as always, international scrappers are more than welcome to play with us!

Let's welcome our first Guest Designer here at Punk Rock Scrappers, Jan and Shane Rogers! We are excited to have you designing with us for this challenge!

Jan and Shane
Journaling: Do you remember Snow White like this?

This is a pic of a skit done by the twisted theater in Tulsa. Let's just say that the Snow White was black and in this pic the nose on Pinnochio was a dildo... LOL

Journaling: WTF made me think this was a good idea? I got my big ass stuck!

Journaling: WFT?! Living off hamburger helper does not make me ghetto

Journaling: i asked you before you took the picture if my underwear were showing- you said NO- wtf Joe?


Don't we all have Lo's we wonder about?

Journaling: I know it's not healthy... I like it.
On photo: Just what I need after a good meal. Hell- I'll take it after a shitty meal. So WTF ever.

A pic from this past Halloween. My friend and I were Mario and Luigi.
Did some paint around the edges and on the corrugated paper after I roughed it up some.

Can't wait to see what hilarious and fucked up pictures you dig up for this challenge!