Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre-Challenge and a RAK! **UPDATE**

Bored of just waiting for the design team to be announced and for Punk Rock Scrappers to get this show on the road already?

How about a little pre-challenge with the chance to win a RAK?


For this little challenge, let's see a layout where you list the top 10 things that irritate you, annoy you, that you can't stand, that you just really fucking hate and wish would explode. I feel like the things that piss a person off reveal more about them than a list of their favorites do. These things can be ANYTHING. Celebrities, objects, places, TV shows, stupid fads, ideas that suck, whatever you want! It doesn't even have to be a layout necessarily!

Now, there will probably be things on your list that you may be afraid to put on this list for fear of offending others, but you should ignore your inhibitions and just express your 100% honest feelings! That is, after all, what Punk Rock Scrappers is all about! On that same note, you will probably see things that YOU find offensive on somebody else's layout, in which case you should just put on your big girl panties and take it with a grain of salt and a lot of humor. Being thick-skinned is a necessity here! Absolutely no attacking others for their views, even if they're just plain wrong, and be respectful and tolerant of differences, even if they're a little (or a lot) offensive! After all, this isn't junior high =)

Can't wait to see how everyone rawks this!
And remember, have fun! That's the most important part!

Just leave a link to your layout in the comments, by the 22nd of Feb (no biggie if you're late, there isn't a concrete set-in-stone deadline for this) or you can email it to punkrockscrappers (at) live (dot) com.

Can't wait to see everyone's awesomely wicked creations!

YOU CAN STILL SEND IN YOUR LAYOUTS FOR THIS! Normally for the regular challenges I'll be a little more strict, but like I said, this deadline is hardly a deadline at all, and it's mostly just for fun and prizes, so feel free to participate! Screw the due date this time! You will still be in with a chance for a RAK!

Alright, for the chance for the RAK, get in your layouts by midnight US central time zone! Usually the design team will vote on and pick winners, but we don't have a design team yet LOL so I'll be doing a random drawing this time. Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. GREAT challenge- this was super fun! I used a photo of my bro, who is hilariously sarcastic, so it seemed to fit. Thanks for looking!

  2. Done! That was heaps of fun, really different, lol. Hope ya like :)

  3. Here's one that was emailed to me by Ally! Check it out! There are three total pictures in there.

    And thanks to everyone who has been participating so far! These layouts are hilariously offensive and really really cool! I love how different everyone's is!

    Here's Ally's LO!

  4. You can see mine at under the post labeled productivity. I forgot to copy the direct link. Fun challenge!

  5. There is mine! I have a lot of fun making this one!!! I'm waiting the next challenge!!!

  6. I loved doing this challenge!!!
    You can find my take on it over here:

  7. sooooooooooooo rad,,, felt great to compose a list of my *hates*,,, thank you, already stalking the blog again for the next challenge,,,, gimme,,, gimmme,,,,, here is mine,,,
    xoxxoxo ally {san diego}

  8. what the heck,,, left the link twice,,, you know how i roll,,,, gotta do it twice,, ha!!!!
    what a freak i am,,,,, :-D

  9. Oh, it's okay, Ally, we love you anyway!

  10. In awnser to your comment on my blog: I've made the flowers myself.
    They are became my trademark or something like a signature dish I'll guess!!

  11. Cool challenge! Everyone has done a great job on this one! Here's my attempt:

  12. Really enjoyed this Very theraputic! Thanks to Andrea for the inspiration with the photo

    Can't wait for the first challenge

  13. my take on it is:
    i really enjoyed the challenge and can't wait for more xxx

  14. Ive done a LO for this challenge!

    looking forward to playing along on this blog!

  15. I've been wanting to get this done all week and I finally did. Thanks for the great challenge.

  16. Here's mine! Squeezed in at the very last second!

  17. Waoo, I love all the pages the girls have posted, it-s so cool and inspiring... I want more chalenges like this...

  18. Needless to say, I just came across this blog today so I missed out on this page but I may do it just for the hell of it.