Monday, February 9, 2009

Design Team Search **Revised**

Punk Rock Scrappers needs some talented and unique scrappers to join the design team!

We are looking for anywhere between 3-7 design team members to join us. We are specifically looking for designers who are a little bit different, a little quirky and offbeat. Definitely not your typical scrapbooker! If your layouts and projects tend to be nongeneric, incorporate lots of non-scrap-related items or use the usual items in new and funky ways, or you're simply not afraid to work outside of your comfort zone, this is a great opportunity! Are your layouts considered a little too risque for other sites or you feel like it's just not what everybody ELSE thinks a good layout looks like? Not here! At Punk Rock Scrappers, you can go on being your naughty artistic self!

You do not have to have purple hair, pirecings, and tattoos on your face, or even like punk rock! This is all about having attitude and originality! It's about flipping the bird to the status quo and daring to ignore your critics!

To apply:

-Submit two (2) layouts, of any size. They can be new, they can be old, we just want to see your style! You may also, if you like, submit an alternate project in addition to the two layouts, such as a card, mini-book, collage, or altered art, etc. though this is not required to apply. There are no restrictions! Have fun, get messy, and create!

-In addition to the first two layouts, submit one (1) NEW layout showcasing your personality. This can be about virtually anything! It can be about your personal philosophy in life, your crazy antics, something incredible you did, how you broke out of the mold, your loud rebellious side, a tattoo you got while not entirely sober... whatever! Be creative and have fun with this! We want to see how you RAWK!

-Write a few paragraphs about yourself! What's make you not the typical scrapbooker? We want to get a real feel for your personality, so babble on!

-List links to your blogs, galleries, resume, etc. So we can spy on you!

-Include your city and country (you do not need to give us your full address). International applicants are welcome to apply!

-Email all of these toDrew (DT coordinator) at punkrockscrappers (!at) live (!dot) com by February 28, 2009, midnight, Central Time U.S.


The terms are six months long, with the requirement of two layouts or projects every month, due one day before the challenge is revealed. You must link to us in your blog and forums wherever allowable, within reason of course. Don't worry, you do not have to become our spam-bot. Just let people know that you design for us!

As a designer, you will receive specific products, scrap kits, and random non-scrap items to incorporate into your challenges.

You are required to leave comments for each participant's layout/project.

You absolutely must have fun! Or else!

Thanks for taking an interest in our site, and we hope you consider applying! Lack of experience is not a problem, and can actually be considered a good thing, because then we know you are not overextending yourself and can devote more of your creative energies to our challenges, although we also welcome experienced applicants!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email us!


  1. oooo Im loving this site already... just the thought... I go out of my way to try and be different so this site is right up my alley!

  2. Wow how exciting this is wonderful and such Shane and my style...a little funky, a little rock, a whole lot fun and crazy.

    We will be submitting ours to you shortly.

    Jan and Shane Rogers

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  4. This is soooo Cool! I think this is totally me :) I'm happy because this is different , and I'm think that be original is important.
    I have submitted my Layouts, hope you like them!
    Since now I have your blog on my favorites, and can't wait to see the cool things you will post :)

  5. so excited about this!!! my layouts will be heading your way!!!

  6. Sent mine today!! I've been spreading the word, thinking about that now, I'll be kicking myself if they get in & I dont though!! ;P

    (good luck girls!)


  7. wow this sounds like a lot of fun!!

  8. i love the idea of this lo's don't really fit any one "style", but different and me! And that's how it should be...i'll get started on my lo's!

  9. This sounds awesome!!
    Just e-mailed my submission!!!

  10. Oooo this looks like one fun site! I am def sending my schtuff in! ;P

  11. I'm really sorry but were is your email address??

  12. Sorry for the confusion! I had to break up the email address into weird sections like this: punkrockscrappers (at) live (dot) com, because of spammers, so it may have been hard to locate in all that text! I also left the email address on your blog comments! Hope that helps!

  13. cool page!! i'll be submitting mine soon! :)

  14. Wicked cool site and a breath of fresh air in scrap world!

    Just sent my application.

  15. Ok, I so missed the boat on this as I'm just finding out about it now!!! haha I can hardly wait to see what you guys come up with!