Saturday, March 14, 2009

Challenge 2- I Am A Corporate Tool And How

From dopey uniforms to tiny cubicles to putting-God-knows-what into the mystery sauce, we've all had laughabley bad (or just regular bad) work experiences and jobs that simply could not possibly pay us enough to deal with the amount of bullshit required. You know, the type of crap our parents told us would build character, as opposed to bitterness and premature wrinkles.

This challenge is all about how much work sucks! It can be from your teenage fastfood McJob days, your present job frustrations, or anything in between.

Here is what our designers came up with!

I still cannot believe what a total Bitch you are, telling ME because I am a SAHM I don't really work.
Well, I have 3 kids who get 3 hot home cooked meals a day and I run a full time sewing biz from home.
Plus I do charity work and take care of a hubby 2.
While you have NO KIDS work 1 job, an unemployed hubby and BITCH!

Under Picture Journaling
So you think you have the right to tell me I don't REALLY Work. Fuck U!!

a tribute to my old boss. when i used to work at a corporate office my boss used to encourage us to spend a ton of cash,, go into debt so that we would be trapped in his little cubicles. ha ~ jokes on him, i got my little rag top and peaced out of that joint!!! so, you know *thanks a lot boss for the spending money advice* i loved that little ride!!!


Journaling from left to right:"St. Louis, MO, Summer +Fall 2003...Of all the jobs I had I hated this one the most (front desk @ hotel). $7.50 an hour to put myself through college."

The pieces of paper are funny faxes from my friend Greg who worked at the downtown hotel and we'd send stupid messages to each other to quell the boredom. The one the left is a food-themed crossword puzzle, and he wrote on it "I found a food they didn't have on their list!" and circled the word "goat". The other paper is from when Greg would occasionally cover someone's shift at my hotel, and so he sent out a fax to the front desks of all the other nearby hotels saying "Why come your hotel is so stinky? The [hotel I worked at] RULES! Your hotel is a major loserama. Love, Tracy". Ha ha ha, he tried to frame me.

The hidden journaling inside the file folder says: "On slow days my boyfriend and I would violate the suites of the hotel I worked at while I was... on the clock" (the title finishes the sentence).




You have until March 31st to submit your layout/project to be in with a chance at a RAK, either by leaving a link to it in the comments section, or emailing it to punkrockscrappers (at) live (dot) com.

So go stick it to the man!


  1. First of all this challenge ROCKS! secondly You all did a kick ass job!

  2. Wow! You girls did kick some major ass with this challenge! I love all of your layouts! Fantastic! I so am diggin' this form of scrapping! It is so therapeutic! I have several LO's I want to do like this! There are several people I just want to tell where they can get off! I think I will! Again, sensational!

  3. Awesome job everyone! I am loving this challenge!

  4. OMG, you guys kill me!! These are freakin hilarious and awesome!!! I'm all over this one!!

  5. A yea....those were the days...working. YUCK! Pinky I'm with you! Don't tell me I don't work!

  6. Here is my LO for this challenge. This was fun!

    Being Your Wife


  7. Great job Aymee, sometimes being a wife is work enough!

  8. I got fired recently man am I going to have some good scrapping therapy on this one. AWSOME job yall. I am off to create and vent. Something I have not done since I was Fired.

  9. This is my first time posting here. I really enjoyed making this was one of the quickest I've ever made too:

    there's mine!!!!


    i went very simple on this one, and am very happy with how it turned out. and I must say thank you for allowing me to vent those frustrations on a night when I really needed it.

  12. At first I was like oh crap, I missed the deadline because the next one is already posted but then I saw we have until the end of the month! whew! haha This was fun, here's mine:

  13. awesome challenge... took me a while but came up with this...
    hope life is treating you all wonderfully!

  14. Here's my take on it:

  15. rachy ~ im having the *hardest* time leaving you love on your blog!!! but,,, i love your wifey layout ~ thanks for playing along!!!

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    Here ya go.....