Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Challenge 3- What the Fuck?!

This is a fairly simple challenge but sure to be ass loads of fun. For this challenge, the title of your layout must be "WTF" or "What the Fuck" and you MUST use a photo! Find your most bizarre-explanation-requiring photo and have fun!

No subject or interpretation is off limits!

Link or email your layouts by April 14th midnight central time (US) for a chance at a RAK, and as always, international scrappers are more than welcome to play with us!

Let's welcome our first Guest Designer here at Punk Rock Scrappers, Jan and Shane Rogers! We are excited to have you designing with us for this challenge!

Jan and Shane
Journaling: Do you remember Snow White like this?

This is a pic of a skit done by the twisted theater in Tulsa. Let's just say that the Snow White was black and in this pic the nose on Pinnochio was a dildo... LOL

Journaling: WTF made me think this was a good idea? I got my big ass stuck!

Journaling: WFT?! Living off hamburger helper does not make me ghetto

Journaling: i asked you before you took the picture if my underwear were showing- you said NO- wtf Joe?


Don't we all have Lo's we wonder about?

Journaling: I know it's not healthy... I like it.
On photo: Just what I need after a good meal. Hell- I'll take it after a shitty meal. So WTF ever.

A pic from this past Halloween. My friend and I were Mario and Luigi.
Did some paint around the edges and on the corrugated paper after I roughed it up some.

Can't wait to see what hilarious and fucked up pictures you dig up for this challenge!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Challenge 1 Winner!

Congratulations Kathleen! We loved all the layers, texture, and paint! Let us know where to send your RAK!

***Due to publication, the picture of this layout has been removed! Sorry Kathleen, I should have remembered you said it was being published! Thanks for playing along with us and again congratulations on publication!***

We look forward to seeing all the great layouts for "Challenge 2- I am a corporate tool and how" and the "Unlucky" St. Patrick's Day challenge! You have until the 31st midnight central time US to get one or both of those in!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Punk Rock Scrappers! To celebrate, we're having an extra little challenge, based on, of course, luck! But, to make this a little different, we're asking everyone to focus on some of their unluckier moments! That's right, scrap about your BAD luck! Funny, tragic, unbelievable... nothing is off limits! Can't wait to see everyone's layouts!

For this special challenge, the winner will be chosen by random drawing, so get those layouts in by the March 31st midnight (central time US) for a chance to win a RAK!"

Now laugh and cry at the DT's bad luck!

I totally had a 90 year old woman kick my 30 year old ass. That is what you call unlucky.

Bitch No One Cares!
I deserved Better!
This Baby deserved someone who cared!
This baby deserved love!!
This baby BEGGED for help and NO ONE CARED!

you know, since my freaking luck blows in vegas!!! i had to!!!

"July 23, 2006 I didn't even want to be there, and the idiot underaged designated drivers not only drank but got themselves pulled over and arrested. Since I was 100% sober, the officer forced me to drive, in spite of the fact that I told him that I only had an expired permit. And then I hit a tree at 50 mph, punctured my lung, broke more ribs than the surgeons could count, fractured my pelvis, and went through phsyical therapy to walk again. I got eight stitches near my eye and a permanent scar on my face, in addition to scars from having a fucking tube in my lung. I was on so much morphine. And got shots in my STOMACH twice a day (ouch, even on morphine). I was so bloodied they helicoptered me to the ER. The kicker? The underaged driver who was arrested later sued me, that little bastard. Not to mention I got two traffic tickets also and later found out I hit the only tree around for literally miles. Unlucky is an understatement. 23 years old and forever scarred."



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Challenge 2- I Am A Corporate Tool And How

From dopey uniforms to tiny cubicles to putting-God-knows-what into the mystery sauce, we've all had laughabley bad (or just regular bad) work experiences and jobs that simply could not possibly pay us enough to deal with the amount of bullshit required. You know, the type of crap our parents told us would build character, as opposed to bitterness and premature wrinkles.

This challenge is all about how much work sucks! It can be from your teenage fastfood McJob days, your present job frustrations, or anything in between.

Here is what our designers came up with!

I still cannot believe what a total Bitch you are, telling ME because I am a SAHM I don't really work.
Well, I have 3 kids who get 3 hot home cooked meals a day and I run a full time sewing biz from home.
Plus I do charity work and take care of a hubby 2.
While you have NO KIDS work 1 job, an unemployed hubby and BITCH!

Under Picture Journaling
So you think you have the right to tell me I don't REALLY Work. Fuck U!!

a tribute to my old boss. when i used to work at a corporate office my boss used to encourage us to spend a ton of cash,, go into debt so that we would be trapped in his little cubicles. ha ~ jokes on him, i got my little rag top and peaced out of that joint!!! so, you know *thanks a lot boss for the spending money advice* i loved that little ride!!!


Journaling from left to right:"St. Louis, MO, Summer +Fall 2003...Of all the jobs I had I hated this one the most (front desk @ hotel). $7.50 an hour to put myself through college."

The pieces of paper are funny faxes from my friend Greg who worked at the downtown hotel and we'd send stupid messages to each other to quell the boredom. The one the left is a food-themed crossword puzzle, and he wrote on it "I found a food they didn't have on their list!" and circled the word "goat". The other paper is from when Greg would occasionally cover someone's shift at my hotel, and so he sent out a fax to the front desks of all the other nearby hotels saying "Why come your hotel is so stinky? The [hotel I worked at] RULES! Your hotel is a major loserama. Love, Tracy". Ha ha ha, he tried to frame me.

The hidden journaling inside the file folder says: "On slow days my boyfriend and I would violate the suites of the hotel I worked at while I was... on the clock" (the title finishes the sentence).




You have until March 31st to submit your layout/project to be in with a chance at a RAK, either by leaving a link to it in the comments section, or emailing it to punkrockscrappers (at) live (dot) com.

So go stick it to the man!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Challenge 1- Introduce Your Bad Ass Self!

For this challenge, scrap about YOU! What makes you different, unique, or unexpected? What are your personality quirks?

This may seem a little generic and tame for this site, and compared with the future challenges I have prepared for you all, it is!, but I think this is a great first challenge for us to get to know some of the other bad ass scrappers and our design team, since we're all new here to the "dark side".

What is it exactly that makes us just that little bit dark and that little bit edgy, that little piece of us that we edit out of our layouts... Let us get to know your bad ass selves!

Introducing our designers....

Andrea Davenport

Richelle Perkins

Amy Cutler

Ally Serrato

Cristal Hobbs aka "Pinky"

Tracy Yim Lee:


Our challenges are posted on the 1st and 15th, and in order to be in with a chance of winning a RAK, you must either link or email your submission before the next challenge is posted.

Can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Introducing Our Smexy New Design Team

In no particular order, I am please to announce our fabulous new designers!

Andrea Davenport


Amy Cutler

Cristal Hobbs aka "Pinky"

Tracy Yim Lee

Richelle Perkins

Ally Serrato

Pics and bios to come shortly! We can't wait to launch our first challenge, which will be later today! Let's keep the excitement going and I hope everyone participates as there are a lot of great prizes up for grabs! Thank you to everyone!!!!

Thank You To ALL Applicants!

I just wanted to thank every single one of you who took time out of your busy schedules to apply for our design team! Honestly, the positive response I have received has been overwhelming and truly flattering! I did not expect such widespread interest! THANK YOU! There are so many talented scrappers and artists out there, and having to pick and choose among you was almost painful! It was so hard for me to choose that I had to enlist the help of friends, family, and roommates so that I didn't end up with 30 people on my DT! Obviously, I can't choose everyone, and I hope that all applicants will choose to participate in our twice-monthly challenges.

The Design Team members are being notified now and will be announced on the blog later today!

Pre-Challenge Winner

I used a random number generator to select the winner, assigning everyone's layouts a number (1-12) in order of submission. Thank you all for participating, your layouts were kick ass and hilarious, and honestly I don't think there would be anyway I could possibley have chosen a winner!

Congratulations to entry #7-Alexa!
Send your addy to punkrockscrappers (at) live (com) to get your goodies!

Just a reminder to our winners, present and future, you have seven days to contact us with your shipping address and claim your RAK. If more than seven days passes, we reserve the right to revoke it and hand it off to somebody else. It may sound a little strict, but it's to everyone's benefit that prizes not go to waste!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

If You Sent in a DT Application

For all the lovely ladies that sent in applications to be on the Design Team so far, first of all, thank you! and secondly, I personally reply to ALL applications sent in, so if you sent yours in and I have not replied after a few days, chances are that I have not received it for some reason or another!

I have already had a number of applicants who I might not have known were even applying if they hadn't sent me follow up emails! Yikes! So I just wanted to make sure that everybody who takes the time to apply actually gets their application in! If you don't hear back from me after a few days, shoot me another email or resend! Like I said, I respond to all applications sent in, so that should be a pretty good indicator whether or not I got your app.

I'd hate for anybody who applies to not even be considered due to some stupid technical error!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre-Challenge and a RAK! **UPDATE**

Bored of just waiting for the design team to be announced and for Punk Rock Scrappers to get this show on the road already?

How about a little pre-challenge with the chance to win a RAK?


For this little challenge, let's see a layout where you list the top 10 things that irritate you, annoy you, that you can't stand, that you just really fucking hate and wish would explode. I feel like the things that piss a person off reveal more about them than a list of their favorites do. These things can be ANYTHING. Celebrities, objects, places, TV shows, stupid fads, ideas that suck, whatever you want! It doesn't even have to be a layout necessarily!

Now, there will probably be things on your list that you may be afraid to put on this list for fear of offending others, but you should ignore your inhibitions and just express your 100% honest feelings! That is, after all, what Punk Rock Scrappers is all about! On that same note, you will probably see things that YOU find offensive on somebody else's layout, in which case you should just put on your big girl panties and take it with a grain of salt and a lot of humor. Being thick-skinned is a necessity here! Absolutely no attacking others for their views, even if they're just plain wrong, and be respectful and tolerant of differences, even if they're a little (or a lot) offensive! After all, this isn't junior high =)

Can't wait to see how everyone rawks this!
And remember, have fun! That's the most important part!

Just leave a link to your layout in the comments, by the 22nd of Feb (no biggie if you're late, there isn't a concrete set-in-stone deadline for this) or you can email it to punkrockscrappers (at) live (dot) com.

Can't wait to see everyone's awesomely wicked creations!

YOU CAN STILL SEND IN YOUR LAYOUTS FOR THIS! Normally for the regular challenges I'll be a little more strict, but like I said, this deadline is hardly a deadline at all, and it's mostly just for fun and prizes, so feel free to participate! Screw the due date this time! You will still be in with a chance for a RAK!

Alright, for the chance for the RAK, get in your layouts by midnight US central time zone! Usually the design team will vote on and pick winners, but we don't have a design team yet LOL so I'll be doing a random drawing this time. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Design Team Search **Revised**

Punk Rock Scrappers needs some talented and unique scrappers to join the design team!

We are looking for anywhere between 3-7 design team members to join us. We are specifically looking for designers who are a little bit different, a little quirky and offbeat. Definitely not your typical scrapbooker! If your layouts and projects tend to be nongeneric, incorporate lots of non-scrap-related items or use the usual items in new and funky ways, or you're simply not afraid to work outside of your comfort zone, this is a great opportunity! Are your layouts considered a little too risque for other sites or you feel like it's just not what everybody ELSE thinks a good layout looks like? Not here! At Punk Rock Scrappers, you can go on being your naughty artistic self!

You do not have to have purple hair, pirecings, and tattoos on your face, or even like punk rock! This is all about having attitude and originality! It's about flipping the bird to the status quo and daring to ignore your critics!

To apply:

-Submit two (2) layouts, of any size. They can be new, they can be old, we just want to see your style! You may also, if you like, submit an alternate project in addition to the two layouts, such as a card, mini-book, collage, or altered art, etc. though this is not required to apply. There are no restrictions! Have fun, get messy, and create!

-In addition to the first two layouts, submit one (1) NEW layout showcasing your personality. This can be about virtually anything! It can be about your personal philosophy in life, your crazy antics, something incredible you did, how you broke out of the mold, your loud rebellious side, a tattoo you got while not entirely sober... whatever! Be creative and have fun with this! We want to see how you RAWK!

-Write a few paragraphs about yourself! What's make you not the typical scrapbooker? We want to get a real feel for your personality, so babble on!

-List links to your blogs, galleries, resume, etc. So we can spy on you!

-Include your city and country (you do not need to give us your full address). International applicants are welcome to apply!

-Email all of these toDrew (DT coordinator) at punkrockscrappers (!at) live (!dot) com by February 28, 2009, midnight, Central Time U.S.


The terms are six months long, with the requirement of two layouts or projects every month, due one day before the challenge is revealed. You must link to us in your blog and forums wherever allowable, within reason of course. Don't worry, you do not have to become our spam-bot. Just let people know that you design for us!

As a designer, you will receive specific products, scrap kits, and random non-scrap items to incorporate into your challenges.

You are required to leave comments for each participant's layout/project.

You absolutely must have fun! Or else!

Thanks for taking an interest in our site, and we hope you consider applying! Lack of experience is not a problem, and can actually be considered a good thing, because then we know you are not overextending yourself and can devote more of your creative energies to our challenges, although we also welcome experienced applicants!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email us!