Thursday, February 19, 2009

If You Sent in a DT Application

For all the lovely ladies that sent in applications to be on the Design Team so far, first of all, thank you! and secondly, I personally reply to ALL applications sent in, so if you sent yours in and I have not replied after a few days, chances are that I have not received it for some reason or another!

I have already had a number of applicants who I might not have known were even applying if they hadn't sent me follow up emails! Yikes! So I just wanted to make sure that everybody who takes the time to apply actually gets their application in! If you don't hear back from me after a few days, shoot me another email or resend! Like I said, I respond to all applications sent in, so that should be a pretty good indicator whether or not I got your app.

I'd hate for anybody who applies to not even be considered due to some stupid technical error!



  1. Hey hey... I re-sent you my submission last night. The subject said Punk'd: DT Style. Will you please let me know if you got it?
    THanks! :P

  2. ohhh noooooo!!! did you get my application!?!?!? orrr should i send it over for the nineteenth time, just for kicks!!! ha!!! alright, alright, you dont have to answer me,,, dont forget meeeeeee!!!

  3. I guess you've got mine, right after I've sent it you've e-mailed me back!!!

    Just can't waith to find out who made the team, I'm soooooo hoping I'm in it!!!!!
    There are so many talented scrappers out there!!!

  4. Congrats on your new challenge blog!! We'll definitely be "approving" you in the gutter over at gutter girlz!! Best of luck to you and your challenge!! Rock on!

  5. Why, thank you Rachel! I am truly flattered! Gutter Girlz RAWK!

  6. I emailed mine in today...from
    haven't heard anything back yet...hope it got to you safely ;)

  7. eeeek!! Anyone else keep hitting the "refresh" button??!!

  8. I think I got Shane's and Mine Love the site it will be wonderful so glad to see out of the box happening in art and paper. Good luck to all that apply.