Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Punk Rock Scrappers! To celebrate, we're having an extra little challenge, based on, of course, luck! But, to make this a little different, we're asking everyone to focus on some of their unluckier moments! That's right, scrap about your BAD luck! Funny, tragic, unbelievable... nothing is off limits! Can't wait to see everyone's layouts!

For this special challenge, the winner will be chosen by random drawing, so get those layouts in by the March 31st midnight (central time US) for a chance to win a RAK!"

Now laugh and cry at the DT's bad luck!

I totally had a 90 year old woman kick my 30 year old ass. That is what you call unlucky.

Bitch No One Cares!
I deserved Better!
This Baby deserved someone who cared!
This baby deserved love!!
This baby BEGGED for help and NO ONE CARED!

you know, since my freaking luck blows in vegas!!! i had to!!!

"July 23, 2006 I didn't even want to be there, and the idiot underaged designated drivers not only drank but got themselves pulled over and arrested. Since I was 100% sober, the officer forced me to drive, in spite of the fact that I told him that I only had an expired permit. And then I hit a tree at 50 mph, punctured my lung, broke more ribs than the surgeons could count, fractured my pelvis, and went through phsyical therapy to walk again. I got eight stitches near my eye and a permanent scar on my face, in addition to scars from having a fucking tube in my lung. I was on so much morphine. And got shots in my STOMACH twice a day (ouch, even on morphine). I was so bloodied they helicoptered me to the ER. The kicker? The underaged driver who was arrested later sued me, that little bastard. Not to mention I got two traffic tickets also and later found out I hit the only tree around for literally miles. Unlucky is an understatement. 23 years old and forever scarred."




  1. Sounds like fun! I already know what I want to do for this one. I will get on it asap!

    Wonderful work DT!!!

  2. http://mommalizzie.blogspot.com/2009/03/oooo-challenges.html
    there is my take on the challenge

  3. Love this one! It is totally up my alley, I will totally challenge myself with this one!

  4. I am totaly in on this one will post it by monday...

    Off to the North West Paperchase. Yippie permission granted scrapbook spending.

  5. Here is my take on this one. Thanks for this challenge! It really helped me to relieve alot of built up stress! Ahhhh! LOL

    Aymee :)


  6. Here is my take! Thanks for a great Challenge!!!


  7. I just had to do this one! thanks for the inspiration. You rock!

    Find mine here!

  8. my take on this is http://scrappingthenightaway.blogspot.com/ on the top post and the layout is called Accident Prone

  9. http://s574.photobucket.com/albums/ss188/agraywolfe/?action=view&current=CIMG1281.jpg


    Here are the links to my unlucky birthday

    I got a basball in the boob....now unlucky is that. Though I did get to meet the guy. Thanks a lot for the memories.....

    I hope yall enjoy.

  10. Sorry everyone but the owner has disappeared and we the DT apologize. We did our work and hoped this would be a great site, but obviously none of us knew the owner would completely leave with no word.

    I am sorry to say this site is basically a ghost town now.
    Please catch up with us on other boards...